Questions We’d Like To Ask Ann Curry

Part I: Questions for Ann Curry

What were some of the stories that you covered over the years had a profound transformative effect on your life and caused you to forever change the way you perceive reality?

If you were to look the millions of people world wide who’ve followed your reporting as children, what types of lessons & values do you think that you have been teaching your “children” through your years of reporting?

Ms. Curry, many people you’ve interviewed have given you a hug afterwards while smiling. When I met you in person, you gave me a hug. As an individual who has very high standards for hugs, that hug was in my top five. What is your secret for giving great hugs?

Ms. Curry, in a February 2017 interview with the Herald Tribune you said “I think we have reached a very sad moment in journalism – when it is clear that the work is vulnerable to economic pressures, corporate interests, biased reporting.” Do you think that journalistic standards can only be as strong as what the public is willing to be satisfied with? Do you think that today, Americans collectively speaking are more interested in spectacles than they are about discovering the truth about certain things?

Marguerite Duras once said “Every journalist is a moralist.” What have been some of moral values that you have interwoven into your journalism career. Have their been certain topics, events or people that you made the extra effort to put into a positive light because of a personal admiration?

In many of your interviews, people have opened up to you and told you things they never told any other journalist. Why do you think they were able to be vulnerable in your presence? Do you think that because you have experienced pain & loss you naturally have an ability sympathize and relate others with more ease?

I’ve read that you Father went through extraordinary measures to save your Mom’s life and to marry her. Do feel that you inherited a quality from your Father which has galvanized you to go to incredible lengths to show love & compassion to not for your Family but, for causes that you’ve believed in?

Hypothetically speaking, what three stories throughout history would you have loved to have broken and first told the world about?

Because you’ve traveled all over the globe and have observed hundreds of cultures firsthand, how do you think that your perception on humanity is different than an individual who never leaves their country of origin? Do you that if more people traveled to different countries that collectively speaking the world would me more at peace?

For a moment, please think about the faith you’ve had in yourself and the faith you’ve had in your spiritual / religious beliefs. Which one of those two have you struggled more often to keep faith in and which one of those two has pulled you out of places of despair more often?

If you think about certain types of people from your childhood who caused you significant pain, have you continued to come across people in your adult life with similar personality qualities of these harmful individuals from your childhood and if so, how has your methodology of dealing with these individuals changed from when you were a child to when you were an adult?

Have you ever forgiven someone who hurt you and have observed that other people with similar qualities to that person have suddenly vanished or faded away from your life?

Of all the humanitarian causes that are dearest to your heart, which one do you feel needs the most urgent attention of the world and why?

What do you think holds most people back from discovering & realizing truth about themselves and the world around them – Is it the fear knowing what they’ve believed in for so long may actually be wrong and that realization would destroy their self confidence? It is the lack of curiosity and being satisfied with their current perception? Is it an arrogance or overly self assurance that the individual believes that they know all there is to know and there no more truth in their minds for them to seek?

Who are some of the people you’ve interviewed that you’ve felt an immediate deep connection to – as if you had known them for many years previously?

What are three of the most powerful words in your vocabulary?

If there are only two books a person should read in their lifetime, which ones do you recommend and why?

What one quote can you think of that has both inspired you and described you?

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