Analysis On Lindsay Lohan Reveals Past Lives, Soul Struggles, & Potential Death By Suicide


By Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Kerrie O’Connor (

Lindsay Lohan Soul Analysis
“I need space” is exactly what I’m seeing happening with Lindsay Lohan. The ‘space’ is flipping back and forth between a jail cell and a padded room in a psychiatry hospital after getting diagnosed with bio-polar disorder with help from lawyers. LiLo looks like Medusa with the snake hair wrapping around her neck causing her to do even more crazy antics. She is energetically split: good girl / evil twin and right now the ‘evil’ twin is taking over.

I saw Elizabeth Taylor standing right by her side trying to give her support and protection. Liz relates to her on many levels-drinking, drugs, etc. But, I see Lilo pushing away any kind of support from either the dead or the living even Dina’s.

Linday Lohan has had many past lives from a 1650 princess in Europe to a Greek artisan. The major ‘theme’ that’s influencing this life is ‘extremes and entitlement’. She has had extreme wealth, fame, and fortune then lost it all because she doesn’t feel ‘entitled’ or worthy.

Lindsay started splitting energetically in this life by the time she was 3-4yrs old. She felt the extreme tension in her parents relationship which deeply affected her. She has to learn to stop looking for something or someone to ‘fill in the hole in the heart’. Lindsay is being called to look inside herself and re-birth herself – be the “Phoenix Rising from the Ashes” instead of turning into ashes.

As for Linday Lohan’s future, she looks like she’s going to jail again. If she doesn’t start working on her life lessons she could have a serious accident, overdose or attempt and achieve suicide. Right now Lindsay is losing it – thinking she’s above law, pushing away someone that will/can help her. It’s that sabotaging energy that she came into lifetime with.”

Kerrie O’Connor ( is a Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant and regularly featured on the Outer Limits Of Inner Truth ( Radio Show.

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