The Historical Relevance Of Stuart Wilde

Metaphysical Visionary & Author Stuart Wilde (a frequent contributor to the alternative media and outspoken freedom advocate) completed his physical life incarnation on earth on May 1st 2013. The Outer Continue Reading →

What Is Reincarnation? Is Reincarnation and Resurrection the Same Thing?

By Lisa Caza ( Nope! Resurrection and reincarnation are actually two slightly different concepts. Resurrection is when the spirit re-enters THE SAME BODY, in the same life time, and in Continue Reading →

The Hooded Sage Khris Krepcik

Khris Krepcik is an etheric healer and metaphysical teacher with a lifetime of training in the mystic arts and ancient wisdoms. He is considered to be down to earth, natural, and real—authentic and genuine.

With over twenty years in the extensive study of ancient teachings, altered states of consciousness, philosophies, mysticism, and metaphysics, Krepcik has a rare perception and in-depth understanding of human consciousness and the human energy field. His profound understanding comes from the direct experience of the multidimensional nature of reality. He sees things that few others can see. He answers things that few others can answer. Continue Reading →

Is Tuesday’s ‘Blood Moon’ Eclipse The End Of The World?

By Astrologer Constance Stellas ( The so called Blood Moon…and sometimes, pink Moon is an astronomical phenomena that occurs rarely. In astronomy it means that with a total lunar eclipse, Continue Reading →

Shocking Revelations About Who God Really Is – George Kavassilas

Shocking Revelations About Who God Really Is. George Kavassilas is an author, acclaimed speaker and regular guest on the alternative radio circuit. George has had an extraordinary life with a multitude of interactions with inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial Beings of both benevolent and malevolent intent from many different levels of realities, both on and off world. Continue Reading →